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Each member of the JECC is very special. We thank each musician that has passed through and is currently with us here. 

The ensemble is always evolving, thus our musicians come and go. 

Here are our currently attending musicians. Want to join us and/or get information, contact us today!


                 Sam Cruz - Drums            Octavian Draghici - Drums

          Gabriel Johnson - Trumpet          Patrick Johnson - Bass / Drums

      Hali Laso - Vocals           Noah Levine - Piano

         Joselle Lorquet - Violin           Andre Perlman - Trombone

Yorel Romans - Saxophone           Tristan Santiso - Trumpet

Diego Tanaka - Saxophone          Aaron Thaler - Saxophone

Keanu Yarima* - Saxophone  (Ensemble leader)

This channel is coming soon!

Featured Artist

Name: Keanu Yarima

Age: 21

Instrument(s): Saxophone, Ewi, Piano, Bass, and Bassoon; plus I like to experiment with the Clarinet.

Hobbies: I love making music, paying video games, and creative story writing.

Goals: To write as many albums in as many different styles as I can play and to eventually compose film scores for video games and movies. I would also like to write my own animated series and compose the soundtrack to it.

Musical Accomplishments:

  • Scholarship winner of the WDNA Litchfield Jazz Camp competition

  • Plays in multiple bands throughout Miami-Dade and Broward counties

  • Musical Director of the JECC

  • Have recorded my original music

  • Had the honor to open for Paquito D'Rivera

  • Mentor other young musicians

  • Have had the opportunity to travel internationally to play Jazz

Featured Student- 

Keanu Yarima

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