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Nicole Yarling leads the JECC sessions and is present every week and knows the importance of the students hearing many of the same things she teaches each week from other perspectives.  The participating clinicians are local as well as travelling and visiting musicians and educators. All realize the importance and enjoy sharing their Saturday afternoons working with the students. 

Chuck Bergeron

Josh Breakstone

Tim Brent

Chris Burbank

Tal Cohen

Will Calhoun

Jon Daversa

Joe Davidian

Mike DiRubbo

Ryan Ellis

Jeremy Fox

Jim Gasior

Felix Gomez

Steve Guerra

Jason Hainsworth

Christian Howes

Duffy Jackson

David Leon

Kendall Moore

Brian Murphy

Mike Orta

Wendy Pedersen

Claudio Roditi

Stephen Scott

Rotem Sivan

Mark Small

Helen Sung

Fernando Ulibarri

John Yarling

Nicole Yarling

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